Top 20 Best Tattoo, Face Painting, Body Painting & Body Piercing Parlor WordPress Themes 2017

Having a professionally designed website for your tattoo, face painting, body painting and body piercing business can go a long way to boost your business. Even if you are a small shop, having a good online presence is always a step in the right direction. This is especially important these days because almost everybody performs a web search and reads reviews before purchasing every service.

The wonderful thing about this is that even though starting to develop a website can be very daunting, using WordPress gets you half of the day there, given the right theme you can be up and running in no time.

In this post, we are going to cover the best 20 WordPress themes you can use to archive this goal of building a very elegant, professional looking body, face painting and piecing as well as a tattoo shop business.

With a little tweaking and customization of the themes we cover below, you can build your own website with very little help. The thing about these themes is that they are not necessarily page builder which allows you to build websites for different niches, the these are specifically designed to fit this art niche.

The fonts selected, the background images, the sample data provided help you archive the goal of by fueling your imagination as you go about the customization of the themes below to build your website.

As always, we at WPLobster are here to help you through the entire process, we offer unlimited support for all your website needs. We provide every thing, from training, advising on best practices to future-proof your websites as well as security and custom development. Feel free to reach out to us when you get stuck or want someone to bounce ideas off of.

Without further ado, let’s delve into the best these out there to accomplish developing a very professional looking tattoo, body painting, or piercing website:

1. Adios

Adios is a very popular award winning WordPress theme can be used to build a very elegant looking and professional tattoo and face painting website.

It features very bright colours, and a highly aesthetic look-and-feel to it, perfect for showcasing your work to prospective clients. The use of big images in the design allows you to use high-quality images which enhance the over user experience your website.

As an added bonus, not only does Adios allow you to have an amazing online experience, the simplicity allows your website to load fast which increased the time users spend interacting with your content.

Adios features a full fledged shop which allows you to sell any digital products or merchandise such as t-shirts, baseball cup, mugs etc. that you might have thereby increased your brand awareness.

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2. Inkd. Tattoo Studio One-Page Theme

The Inkd. Tattoo Studio one-page WordPress themese is another very elegant theme that can do an amazing job when it comes to putting your right foot forward online. This these is a one-pager, and is particular suited for small shops who might just be starting out.

Some of the functionality which makes the Inkd. Tattoo Studio One-Page Them particularly unique and suited for your tattoo website is the inclusion of Google web fonts as well as some Styled modal windows.

Drag & drop features are included as well. The page setup is also relatively easy, due to its highly stylized and clean aesthetic feel. Additionally, the theme supports CSS3 transitions and Styled Google maps

The inclusion of sample data, a booking modal, ease of modification and an attractive calendar design all make this on-pager one of the best themes for your website.

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3. Atjeh – Creative Portfolio

Atjeh is among the best professional looking creative WordPress theme that can guarantee a very pleasant customer experience. It has been updated frequently and support for this theme is very good. With its huge base, it allows you to fix any issues you might run into during development.

Atjeh is fully responsive and as such is renders nicely on mobile and tablet devices. Unlink other themes in this niche that are not optimised for search engines, the Atjeh theme is fully optimised for search engines, making it more likely for your content to pop up during a regular search.

A little bit more development might be needed to get this theme to the level that might be production ready but its features allow you to achieve just that. It has consistently received top rating in the theme market.

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4. Uncode Creative WordPress Theme

The Uncode creative theme falls perfectly in line with the development of an artist website. This theme features a full fledged Visual Composer and it allows you to fully customize the page to suit your needs.

A couple of the things that make this theme stand out are the level of high performance of the theme and the attention to detail with the design. Uncode is fully responsive and the theme works great with tablets, desktop PCs, smartphones, and laptops computers alike.

With consistent support and a very high review, this theme allows you to use it with peace of mind and you can rest assured that the developers be willing to respond to your requests anytime you have issues.

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5. Nextop WordPress Theme

The Nextop WordPress theme is also another very versatile and aesthetically, pleasing art theme which is great for a tattoo, face painting, and body piercing shops. Nextop has been created as the ultimate tool for the creatively inclined webmaster to quickly and effectively construct unique, classy modern websites in a matter of minutes, regardless of previous coding or development experience.

Nextop is a theme based on an aesthetic concept that places visual content at the helm and thus provides you with a series of incredibly handsome, thought out layouts and demo website templates uniquely suited to showcase breath-taking high-resolution imagery to the world at large in a seamless, attractive presentation.

Nextop does a really good job with image galleries or portfolio pages making it great for the arts. The theme provides a wealth of advanced customization settings, layout and pagination options and styles for you to thoroughly impress your viewers with your content.

Packing the industry standard Visual Composer premium page builder plugin as well as the smooth Master Slider premium slider builder, Nextop achieves a professional finish and unforeseen degrees of customization without requiring you to write a single line of code. Artists love working with Nextop because no other theme showcases their works in such a subtly impactful manner.

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6. Croma WordPress Theme

The Croma WordPress Theme is a super well-documented theme which allows you to build very good and visually stunning websites with ease. The level of customizations and details allow even a novice to build a website that is visually appealing in minutes.

Even though most of the sample templates and data that come with the themes are best suited for websites that have a form of audio playback, the visuals allow you to use it to build very immersive gallery websites which are well suited for art websites as well.

The theme comes with over nine stunning demos which are more than enough for giving you the kind of inspiration you need to develop the next bit visually arresting website can that woo clients with easy.

It boasts an entire feature set such as pre-packaged Visual composer, an easy to use menu builder, continuous play audio and video, super responsive, retina ready and e-commerce support.

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7. Rhythm Modern Multipurpose Theme

The Rhythm Modern Multipurpose Theme is a fully responsive, award-winning WordPress theme that is guaranteed to help you create a very professional looking WordPress website.

The Rhythm Modern Theme comes with support for Visual Composer and comes with over 38 different demos. The theme has both a single and multi page builder and allows you to customize your website the way you like.

Rhythm has it’s own theme options which make it very easy to make changes to the websites with little or no coding experience at all. Because the theme is powered by Bootstrap it makes is very easy to make changes to the code if yu are up for it.

Additionally, it supports over 5 post variants and has support for powerful shortcodes. Some of the killer features that even make it better include the smooth animations, the parallax section, retina images, transition bars, and responsive video players. The Rhythm theme has support for multiple browsers and works in all of them really well.

The code is well documented and allows you to go in and make changes without the feature of messing up the template.

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8. FWRD Modern WordPress Theme

The FWRD Modern WordPress Theme is a very modern and super stylish responsive WordPress theme. it is a perfect choice for your online art gallery and portfolio website. It has a really flexible and fully responsive design that scales very smoothly on any device.

The FWRd theme has some very appealing animations and eye-catchy layouts which make it very suited for websites that want to make a great first impression. Your website visitors will be extremely impressed by the level of perfection and the smoothness of the animations. Try FWRD today and see for yourself.

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9. Kallyas Modern Multipurpose Theme

The Kallyas Modern Multipurpose Theme is yet another amazing creative theme for WordPress, the theme support e-commerce out of the box which makes it especially useful for creative and art websites which have product and merchandise to see on the side.

Kallyas is super fast loading, offers a superior visual page builder and due to the well-documented nature allows for fast page builds. With over 20,00 customers using the theme Kallyas is your all-in-one solution when it comes to building a visually arresting website with minimal work. Try the theme and let us know what you think.

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10. Borderland Modern Multipurpose WordPress Theme

The Borderland Modern Multipurpose WordPress Theme is a favourite among designers, creative and artists in general. It is among the best themes in the market place which make it build a very stunning website with ease.

Some of the features that make this theme more popular include the woo-commerce support out of the box, it’s super stunning ajax and fade effect, one click demos as well as the full page related slider and scrolling animations.

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11. Ronneby Luxurious Modern Multipurpose WordPress Theme

The Ronneby Luxurious Modern Multipurpose WordPress Theme is another high-performance WordPress theme which is very much suited for artists in the tattoo, body piercing, and face painting space. This theme offers multiple tools and options that allow you to build a very pleasing website with ease.

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12. Vigor Modern Multipurpose WordPress Theme

The Vigor WordPress theme is yet another an extremely fast, aesthetic, clean, modern and highly flexible WordPress Fitness Theme. It is built with Bootstrap, the fastest WordPress Page Builder, Slider Revolution and also boast multiple options that can help customise your site with ease.

Even more, the Vigor theme has an optimised theme coder to make your site work faster. Additionally, it is perfectly responsive. The theme created with Mobile Optimization, Search Engine Optimization, Conversion Rate Optimisation and Ease of Use. Try out the theme for your next project

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13. Themo Responsive WordPress Creative Parallax Multipurpose WordPress Theme

Themo Themo Responsive WordPress Creative Parallax theme features premium icons, amazing sliders, custom light boxes, advanced background images, advanced background page and post options. The theme is 100% retina responsive and allows you to establish a very stunning website with ease.

If you are looking to build a very visually appealing website without the head of paying a ton of money, then Themo is the way to go. You will be impressed with the feature set that this theme provides. Git it a shot!

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14. Cabin Multipurpose WordPress Theme

The Cabin WordPress theme is a visually stunning theme that allows you to build a website which portrays a vintage and authentic look-and-feel. Cabin is highly customizable, supports shortcode, price lists, and multiple sliders. The Cabin theme allows also has support for smooth scroll, it entirely retina ready with vivid images support and is also fully SEp optimized.

This theme can deliver the message with uncompromised accuracy and allow you to impress your users when it comes to establishing an authentic web presence.

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15. Tower WordPress Theme

The Tower WordPress theme is a very mission focused theme that delivers your message in a very stunning, appealing and succinct manner. The Tower theme is light weight, premium, responsive and SEO optimised.

The above features combined with the ease of customization allow you to build a website that works really well and help you establish a web presence that is guaranteed to impress.

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16. Pond WordPress Theme

The Pond WordPress theme is a creative & minimal WordPress theme with a unique set of features which will help you make your project stand out from the crowd. This includes a parallax video, revolutions slider, ajax contact form and a very easy to use page builder.

Wheather you are a tattoo parlour, a body painting shop or just a regular artist, this theme allows you to have an outstanding web presence that it guaranteed to impress. No matter what kind of project you are planning, Pond is the perfect option for you or your client. With all, it features you can build something great. It is ultimate flexible with loads of nice options and features.

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17. Colibri WordPress Theme

Colibri is one of its kind WordPress themes that is perfected for both artists, musicians and singers alike. If you want a website that natively supports audio and video as part of the offering, then this theme is the way to go.

You will be super impressed by the functionality of this theme. The developers of the theme offer fantastic support for the theme and allow you to customise it without worrying about breaking a thing.

Some of the features that blow the rest out of the park include, parallax support, nice into animations, photo and video albums, Instagram and twitter integrations among others. try this theme out, you will not be disappointed

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18. Shutter WordPress Theme

The Shutter WordPress Theme is another amazing art and photography theme that is designed with photo oriented web sites in mind. It has everything you need to build a super fast stunning artist website, several beautiful gallery templates to present your work with simple sliders and lightboxes, several about pages to present yourself or your company’s team.

There is a contact form builder so you can build your “Get a quote form” and even a price list shortcode to show off your offers. The theme has also several portfolio templates to present your projects, case studies or design artwork.

It’s simple, supports multiple browsers, Google fonts and comes with multiple predefined templates and layouts. Shutter guarantees that you will not be disappointed with the theme if you use it for an artist website.

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19. Zephyr Material Design WordPress Theme

Just as the name suggests the Zephyr Material Design WordPress Theme is a fully responsive WordPress theme that allows you to build a very stunning website with ease. It is a very colorful theme which has parallax support, image sliders, as well as advanced typography.

The theme is search engine optimized, supports WPML, and comes with 3 layout types. This theme has fantastic support and allows you to build a very fast and visually arresting website with ease.

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20. Notio WordPress Theme

The Notio WordPress theme is one of the classiest premium WordPress themes full of amazing options such as packaged Visual builder, Google font support, bold images as well as background videos, This makes is particularly great for tattoo and body painting shops.

To get started, you can select from multiple layouts which are included in the sample data that is provided. You get to choose from the over 10 professionally designed portfolio layouts as well as 8 portfolio item detail page designs.

Some of the other features of Notio that make it worth your buck include the animated sliders, custom widgets, video background support, revolution slider, woo-commerce support, RTL support and last but not the least WPML support.

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We hope you enjoyed reading this post and found some ideas on your next project, whether you are a webmaster, developer or owner of an art shop looking to establish a professional website with WordPress. Feel free to leave a comment or question below and let us know what you think. If you feel like we left a very unique out of the list, let us know in the comments below.

Additionally, feel free to bookmark or share this article with your friends to help them choose their next WordPress theme for their next project when it comes to tattoos websites, face & body paintings gallery ad well as body piercing websites.