Secure Your WordPress Website and Get Help From WordPress Technical Support

WordPress is the world’s most preferred CMS. In fact, 27.5% of the total websites on the internet runs on WordPress. Not only this, there are more than 76.5 million WordPress blogs. Everyday users launch 50,000 new WordPress based websites.

So, you cannot say that the doom of WordPress is near. But, everything is not rosy in this picture. Security concerns or availability of WordPress Technical Support is very low. Users have to suffer a lot due to this.

The popularity of WordPress makes it a favorite target of the hackers and attackers. As per the reports, one-third of total WordPress websites have faced attacks in some form in past 12 months.

One of the biggest reasons has been sheer carelessness of the administrators.

Out of the total vulnerabilities detected, the share of outdated plugins is 54%. Total 37% sites got infected due to vulnerabilities of the core and 11% from WordPress themes. The stunning thing is that a new version of WordPress releases on an average of 152 days. Still, only 22% of people are currently using the latest version. Is your WordPress version updated?

Some of the most common ways used by the attackers are:

Brute Force Attacks

Attackers guess the login and password by trial and error method. You can stop by limiting the number of attempts.

File Inclusion Attacks

Websites having outdated plugins are vulnerable. The attackers use the vulnerabilities in the plugins to gain access. You can avoid this by updating the plugins on regular basis.

Backdoor Entry through SQL

This is also a way to gain access to the website. The attackers gain access to your website through the SQL servers and databases. If you are suspecting a problem you must take action or ask for WordPress Technical Support.

Through Shared or Poor Hosting Service

Your hosts may try their best to protect your website but this is a permanent risk in shared hosting.

Some Important Steps to take:


You must configure automatic updates Install only the trusted plugins Do not keep your website cluttered with unused plugins Do install WordPress Security Plugins for protection


You cannot stop attacks from happening. Attackers will not stop working. Take regular backups for safety. This will be helpful.

Login and Passwords

Never use easy login name. You will make the work of hacker easier. Use complicated passwords Use 2-factor authentication Google Authenticator is also a reliable option. Always keep in mind that attacks are damaging. They will cause you loss on many fronts

The data of the users of your site is at risk. It will get compromised. You will lose the trust of users. You will lose a big part of your income from the site. The SEO Ranking of your website will take a nose-dive. If you suspect any problems you must take help of talk to WordPress Technical Support.